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Happy Monday is a happiness-oriented communication agency

A creative and positive communication agency – Happy Ideas – but also educational – Happy Kids and focused on good results – Happy Work.

A sustainable agency that contributes to achieving a happier planet – Happy Planet.

From digital to editorial, from internal communication consultancy to event organization, from pedagogical and socially responsible communication to children's marketing… Our team has experience in the most diverse areas of communication, which allows us to provide communication solutions tailored to each Client .

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We want to be a reference communication company

in the field of happiness.

Increase levels of happiness, personal and professional fulfillment through communication. Through positive, responsible and pedagogical actions, mobilize employees, consumers and the community in general for a more proactive and truthful attitude.

Happy People
Happy Costumers
Happy & Successful companies.



Because it's important to get out of the box, out of the rules, out of the routine. And it's out of the comfort zone that WE GROW.

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