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Happy ideas arise spontaneously, take shape and make more and more sense as we think about them. They are those that are not complicated at all and are easy to put into practice. They are the ones where it is fun to work.

Creating concepts and implementing strategies in the service of positive communication is Happy Monday's objective in the most diverse areas of creativity.

Branding & Creativity

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Communicating with the little ones is like going back to childhood, to make-believe times. It is to invite brands to express themselves in a different way, to enter the world of magic and imagination. It is to stimulate creativity in a pedagogical way. It's to educate. And for that, Happy Monday has a team specialized in reaching the youngest.

From games to music. From cartoons, to activity sheets, to how many you want or to enchanting stories… In Children's Communication, each project must be thought out in detail. Each piece of communication, character, illustration or content is crucial to getting the message across without forgetting the most important thing: learning can be fun.

Pedagogical Communication

child marketing




Bringing employees together, making them feel an important part of the whole, encouraging them to wear the shirt for the company and also for their well-being. Contributing to happiness during working hours are the objectives of this area where internal communication makes all the difference.

In the diagnosis phase, whenever we develop a communication plan or strategy, in each newsletter, intranet or communication piece… gross internal happiness is an omnipresent concept.

Internal communication
Gross Internal Happiness
Social responsability

Workshops and Events

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